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Industrial architecture


Archetus has many years of experience in the design of production buildings and other facilities for the industrial sector. We provide projects for industrial halls, factories and production plants of heavy, light as well as high-tech industry, such as medical equipment and pharmaceutical plants, food industry plants etc.

The industrial facilities we design are characterized by the highest quality and reliability of the solutions used in them. We subject all theoretical assumptions to detailed calculations and simulations, which not only reduces the risk of unforeseen implementation obstacles but also increases the efficiency and profitability of the entire project.

We create projects in accordance with the currently accepted principles of industrial logistics. We focus primarily on solutions that guarantee the functionality and optimization of transport systems, queuing and space (warehouses, machine parks etc.) of the designed industrial plant. We carry out project supervision at all stages of the implementation process, offering our assistance in solving implementation problems.

We create projects with care for solutions ensuring compliance of the designed building with occupational health and safety principles and other national, international and internal facility standards and regulations.

We offer:

  • comprehensive projects of industrial buildings;
  • feasibility studies;
  • functional and utility studies;
  • preliminary and conceptual projects;
  • technical and spatial programs;
  • technological projects;
  • verification of design compliance (including existing projects) with current legal, normative, certification or accreditation conditions for industrial plants;
  • simulations and visualizations using, among others graphic, photographic and film techniques
  • and other.

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